Our Story

Velo Tech was built out of two passions: a passion for bicycles, and a passion for the community. Its founder, Chris Schofield, has ridden and raced bikes for as long as he can remember and worked in various shops in the UK and Australia for more than a decade.


What’s always captivated Chris about cycling is its ability to connect people from all of life’s walks. A 20-year-old student could ride with a CEO of a multinational, a professional footballer could be taught a lesson by an overweight schoolteacher. The bike is an equaliser – a common ground – for people who would otherwise never interact.


Velo Tech aims to be an extension of the cycling community. It is not about bravado, pretension or fashion (although we can provide these if you like), but people riding their best bike, so they can live their best lives.


We don’t just build, repair or maintain your bike, we share our passion with you, hoping you can harness it and love your bike a little more with each visit.